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Durham Region Cemeteries

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Durham Region Cemeteries
organized by historic townships


Cartwright Township (now part of Scugog)

Bethel Cemetery (Shirley Road)
Blackstock United Church Cemetery (Old Methodist)
Caesar Cemetery
Cartwright Union Cemetery (Cadmus Union)
Devitt's Cemetery
Nestleton United Church Cemetery
Saint John's Anglican Cemetery (Blackstock)

Clarke Township (now part of Clarington)

Beach Plot
Bethel (Bellwoods) Methodist Cemetery
Billings Cemetery
Bond Head Cemetery (Newcastle)
Brown Family Cemetery
Coulter - Hamilton Plot
Gifford Family Cemetery
Gilmer Family Plot (Gilmore)
Jones [stone]
Lakeview Cemetery (Newtonville)
Lawrence (Waddell's) Presbyterian Cemetery
Lawrence Back Church Cemetery (North Lawrence Presbyterian)
Lent Burial Plot - no stone
Lovekin Pioneer Cemetery
McLean (Elliott's) Cemetery (New Connexion Methodist)
McNeile - Elliott Cemetery
Nay and Staples Cemetery
Newtonville Presbyterian Cemetery (Auld Kirk)
Old Orono Cemetery
Orono Cemetery
Saint George's Anglican (Newcastle)
Shiloh United Church Cemetery (Old Wesleyan Methodist)
Smith Family Cemetery
Stutt Farm Cemetery
White / Porter Auld Kirk Cemetery

Darlington Township (now part of Clarington)

Advent Cemetery
Bethesda Cemetery
Bowmanville Cemetery
Burk Pioneer Cemetery
Burk Plot - recorded at the back of Burk Pioneer Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Eldad United Cemetery (Solina) (Old Bible Christian)
Enniskillen Anglican Cemetery (Trinity Anglican Cemetery)
Enniskillen Presbyterian Cemetery (McLaughlin Cemetery)
Hampton Bible Christian Cemetery (Hampton Pioneer; Hampton South)
Hampton Union Cemetery
Long Sault Cemetery - no stones
Mount Vernon Episcopal Cemetery (Perry's Burying Ground)
Potter Cemetery (Enfield) (Old Methodist)
Providence Cemetery
Rehobeth Cemetery (Primitive Methodist)
Saint John's Anglican Churchyard Stones
Salem Cemetery
Swallow Farm-Moore ,Emily Jane [stone]
Trull Cemetery
Tyrone Pioneer Cemetery
Ukrainian Saint Wolodymyr & Saint Olha
Zion United Church Cemetery (Bible Christian)


Brock Township

All Saints Anglican (Cannington)
Bagshaw Cemetery
Cedar Vale Cemetery
McNeil (Wick) Cemetery
Necropolis Presbyterian Cemetery
North Brock Shiers Cemetery
Pinedale Cemetery
Saint James Anglican Cemetery (West Brock)
Saint John Cemetery
Saint Malachy's R.C. Cemetery
Scotch Cemetery (Brock)
Sunderland Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Vallentyne Cemetery-no stones
Vroomanton United Church Cemetery
Wilfrid (Hart) Cemetery
Zion Cemetery

City of Oshawa (formerly in East Whitby Township)

Elim Cemetery
Farewell Memorial Cemetery
Oshawa Union Cemetery
Pioneer Memorial Gardens
Port Oshawa Pioneer Cemetery
Saint George's Anglican Cemetery
Saint Gertrude Cemetery
Saint Gregory's R.C. Cemetery
Saint Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery
Thornton Cemetery

Pickering Township (now City of Pickering & Town of Ajax)

Altona Mennonite Cemetery
Badgerow,Oliver [grave]
Bethel Cemetery (Con 9)
Bethel Church Burial Ground (Con 5) (Ellicott's)
Brougham United Church Cemetery (Pioneer Christian)
Claremont Baptist Cemetery
Claremont Union Cemetery
Duffin Meadows (new - not recorded) (Cherrywood Cemetery)
Erskine United Cemetery (Dunbarton Village Cemetery)
Fairport United Cemetery
Family Burying Ground
Green River Baptist Cemetery (Brunswick Hill)
Hastings Cemetery
Lamoreaux Cemetery
Ley Family & Potters Field
Mach-Pelah Cemetery (Gostick Cemetery)
Miller Plot - 1 stone
Old Methodist Cemetery (Elizabeth Street Pioneer)
Peak & Greenlaw Cemetery (Simcoe Point)
Pickering United Church Cemetery (Old St. Andrews)
Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens
Post Cemetery
Powell Cemetery Pioneers
Riverview Crescent stones
Saint Francis de Sales R.C. Cemetery
Saint George's Anglican Cemetery (Pickering)
Saint John's Cemetery (Pickering)
Saint Wilfrid's R.C. Cemetery (Old Pioneer)
Salem United Church Cemetery (Kinsale)
Sharrard Cemetery
Society of Friends Cemetery (Hicksite)
Society of Friends Cemetery (Orthodox)
Whitevale Cemetery
Woodruff Cemetery
Yake Cemetery

Reach Township (now part of Scugog)

Bethel Cemetery (Greenbank)
Bethel Cemetery (Seagrave) (Shaw's Burying Ground)
Breadalbane Cemetery (Utica)
Dobson Family Plot
Gregg Cemetery (Dure Hill)
Hillman Cemetery (Utica United Church) (Wesleyan Methodist)
Kendal Cemetery (Utica)
Pine Grove Cemetery (Prince Albert)
Port Perry R.C. Cemetery (Immaculate Conception Borelia)
Seagrave Cemetery
The Pines (Greenbank)

Scott Township (now part of Uxbridge)

Bethesda-Scott Cemetery
Foster Memorial Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Providence Cemetery - no stones
Sandford Community Cemetery
Zion Cemetery (Zephyr)

Scugog Township

Gaabibendaagzijig Cemetery (Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation)
Head Memorial Cemetery
Scovill's Cemetery

Thorah Township (now part of Brock)

Beaverton Stone Church Cemetery
Saint Joseph R.C. Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery (Thorah)
Union (Riverside) Cemetery

Uxbridge Township

Eastgate Cemetery
Forsyth Cemetery (Glasgow)
Friends' Burial Ground (Quaker Hill)
Glasgow North Cemetery
Goodwood Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Quaker Hill Cemetery (Saint Andrew's Scotch Kirk)
Sacred Heart R.C. Cemetery
Siloam United Church Cemetery
Uxbridge Cemetery

Whitby Township (including northern part of East Whitby)

Bible Christian Cemetery (Columbus)
Burns Cemetery (Presbyterian)
Dryden Baptist Cemetery (Columbus) (Pioneer Baptist Cemetery)
Groveside Cemetery (Brooklin)
Harnden Cemetery (Raglan)
Hemingway Plot - single stone
Hubbell's Cemetery (Myrtle)
Methodist Cemetery (Myrtle)
Methodist Church Cemetery (Columbus)
Mount Carmel Cemetery
Mount Lawn Memorial Gardens
Pioneer Cemetery
Resurrection Catholic Cemetery
Saint John the Evangelist R.C. Cemetery
Saint John's Anglican (Port Whitby)
Saint Paul's Anglican Cemetery (Columbus)
Worden-Moffatt Cemetery-1 stone


Map of Brock Township (including former Thorah Township) Map of Uxbridge Township Map of Scugog Township Map of Pickering Map of Ajax Map of Whitby Map of Oshawa Map of Clarington West - formerly Darlington Township Map of Clarington  East (formerly Clarke Township) Map of Scugog Township West (formerly Reach Twp.)

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