Durham Region Folk Circle - In Memoriam

Eric Stile

Eric Stine
1948 to 26 May, 2008

Eric was the DRFC's founding VP. Often attending sessions with his guitar-playing partner Nancy, he sang and played improvisations on many instruments, including banjo, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and charango. Eric was also an actor.


Freddy Brown

Downtown Freddy Brown
1952 to 2019

Fred was the DRFC's founding President. He sang and played banjo and guitar and did a great job of leading the club until he moved away to Brampton. Numerous videos of his performances are posted on his YouTube channel, DTFB Music.


Pete Smith

Peter Joseph "Pete" Smith
10 Aug, 1938 to 21 Nov, 2020

Pete was a longtime member of the DRFC. He sang both blues and folk music, and played finger-style 6- and 12-string guitar. Pete had earlier been a regular member of the bluegrass jam at Cathy's Cafe in Brooklin, occasionally arriving on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Jim Mitchell

Colin James "Jim" Mitchell
30 Oct, 1944 to 18 Apr, 2021

A longstanding member of the DRFC, Jim played cajon, djembe, guitar, guitanjo, and especially mandolin. He had a great voice when he could be convinced to sing. He was the gracious host of many sessions of the spinoff group The ShedDogs, and occasionally joined another spinoff group The Folkers.



Claude White

Claude White
1950 to June 14, 2021

Claude was a longstanding member of the DRFC. He played lead and rhythm guitar and often led the circle with his strong vocals and vast repertoire of songs. He enjoyed collaborating with others and was a key participant in many spin off groups, including "the Folkers", the "Shed Dogs", and the "Reckless Minstrel Buskers". Even after his move to Port Hope, Claude continued to be a regular and valued participant at DRFC meetings.







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