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Past Speakers

• December 2011

Family Search Website screen grab

Celebrating the Holiday Season and Genealogy!
Show & Tell / Bring & Brag

At this meeting together we celebrate the season and any genealogical breakthroughs, special stories, favourite websites, interesting documents or other artifacts, etc.
Members, you are invited share with us any genealogy 'ah-ha's you've experienced.

Please bring festive snacks to share (optional).
The break will be extended to ensure opportunity to chat and enjoy the seasonal treats.

• November 2011

Family Search Website screen grab

The Demon Liquor Trade in the 19th Century !!

- with Brian Winter (Whitby Archivist)

Although Whitby's economy prospered under American prohibition in the 1920s, the picture was not so rosey in the 1800s. Consider the death of one man in a bar room brawl, in a downtown hotel, in 1864. Not all of Brian's stories end badly for some are quite hilarious.

Mini-Talk: Anne Delong, demonstrated an excellent cemetery website, useful for both experienced and beginning genealogists researching in Canada and the United States. The site [Findagrave] contain 70 million transcriptions - many with additional biographical information.


• October 2011

Family Search Website screen grab

Family Search

This presentation is suitable for beginning genealogists, but will also offer tips for experienced researchers. Family Search is both a genealogical website and a helping organization, developed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. It contains millions of free records.
Also, "What do Your Committees Do?" - briefings on Durham Region's projects, dedicated to serving our members.


• September 2011

• at the September meeting •

Ted Barris - speaking about his recent book, "Breaking the Silence: Veterans' Untold Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan".

This will be a GREAT opportunity for those attending the next general meeting! Ted Barris is a well-known author, television personality, and radio commentator. Ted will not only relate stories from his book, but will also disclose how he was able to earn the trust of those who had previously held their memories in silence... similar to the the situation experienced by genealogists, who wish to obtain their family histories before it is too late. His web site is well worth a visit: http://tedbarris.com/


• Summer Break 2011

Ted Barris - speaking about his recent book, "Breaking the Silence: Veterans' Untold Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan".

NOTE: SUMMER BREAK!! This means we will hold no general meetings during July and August. However, the Branch Office will be open every 2nd Tuesday 7 to 10 p.m. and every 3rd Saturday 10 a.m to 2 p.m. or by Special Appointment.

[Our usual general meeting location is the Main Branch of the Oshawa Library (basement auditorium).]


• June 2011

Alexandra Hartmann (CEO Uxbridge Library), presented "Tales and Video from Labrador" with special treats (Jam Jam cookies). Jam Jam cookies are one of the fine foods made by Purity (est. 1924), favoured by East Coasters. These delicious cookies have low fat and no cholesterol. [Purity also makes Hard Bread, also known as Hard Tack by WWII sailors.]

The Short Topic for this month's meeting was "Equine Pedigree", presented by Guy Lafontaine. Guy described the lineage of Northern Dancer and the racing sucesses of his progeny.

• May 2011

Breaking Down Brick Walls - with moderators Stephen Wood, Nancy Trimble and Anne Delong. Sometimes you can't locate an essential record, or the records may be from another country (in another language), or a person's maiden name may elude you. Our moderators were able to provide advise, relate personal anecdotes, and point attendees in the right direction to resolve such dilemmas.

One of our members, Joyce Lintner, recounted her visit to the 14th century St. Edburgha's Yardley Church.


• April 2011

Allan McGillivray - United Empire Loyalists

- Allan is the past curator of the Uxbridge Museum. Loyalists settled in what was initially Quebec (including the Eastern Townships) and modern-day Ontario, where they received land grants of 200 acres (81 ha) per person.

One of our members, Anne Delong, presented a short, bonus, "mini-talk" about Legacy.com.


• March 2011

Ontario Ladies College 1919

Brian Winter read "Letters from Early Whitby": specifically those written by girls at Trafalgar Castle School [Ontario Ladies College], the first private ladies school in Ontario. Letters ranged from 1874 - 1929, providing a window on customs of the times, with some being quite humourous. [Whitby Archives Flickr Photos]

Anne Delong, one of our members, presented a short, bonus, "mini-talk" about Finding Vital Statistics on Provincial Government Websites.


• February 2011

Nancy Trimble

Nancy Trimble (President of the Ontario Genealogical Society)

How to Use the Ontario Genealogical Society Website (new features, new resources and how to get them). Nancy provided a live demonstration of the OGS website.

Guy Lafontaine , one of our members, will present a short, bonus, "mini-talk" - "How I Used Google Earth: to capture a recent photo image of an old family painting". [OOPS! Guy changed his mind and talked about resources in our branch office. Maybe next time?]



• January 2011

Grant Karcich

Grant Karcich - Italian Genealogical Research - sources and strategies

See our blog posting for a list of Grant's resources.

Guy Lafontaine gave a short demonstration of Cindi's List, a well-known, support site for any genealogical researcher. He showed how to easily navigate through the well-categorized sections of this website.