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Past Speakers and Meeting Descriptions

The above link leads to a compilation of monthly meetings of the Duraham Region Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society for the years 2008 and 2009. Scroll below for a summary of our 2014 meetings.

• at the September Meeting •


Guylaine Petrin: Women, Marriage and Property: the case of Elizabeth Sanders - who was a daughter of Loyalists and pioneer of Thornhill. Her house still stands on Yonge St., one of the oldest in York County. Her first husband died in the War of 1812; the second turned out to be a fraud. What was she to do in this situation, in a much different time than women of today? Find out at the meeting. (The original 1803 home is now much larger, and operating under the name Cricklewood.)



• at the October Meeting •


Jane MacNamara - Inheritance in Ontario: Estate Files and Beyond - Jane reviewed material in her book - Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and Other Records for Family Historians. In her own words: "Ontario researchers looking for records of inheritance usually stop once they've found the estate file. True, it is the richest single source, but the court register, minutes, and other documents that track the estate's progress through the court can add valuable family history clues and help tell the whole story. The presentation will review how to find an estate file and how it can lead to other sources both inside and outside the court system." Also, learn about Jane and what she's been up to lately, from her blog Where the Story Takes Me.

• at our November Meeting •

Ruth Burkholder

Ruth Burkholder - Researching Hudson Bay Company Records Extensive hand written records are stored in both government and company archives. They are some of the earliest documents recording native peoples and overseas immigrants, particularly those from Scotland. Hudson Bay Company ...is it just a chain of stores?  NO ... there is much history in this company which has been in continuous operation for over 344 years. Started by 2 Frenchmen in 1670 under an English Royal Charter, it is owned by an American Equity firm ... truly a multinational history of a multifacted entity.  There are some interesting stories and interesting records to be found regarding this Canadian iconic retailer.

Ruth was unable to present; she will reschedule for March in the New Year.

Glen McKnight and Bob Bell gave an impromptu presentation about WWI: Oshawa Connections and Bernardo Children - Photos

• at the December Meeting •

Christmas Carolers

Celebrating the Holiday Season and Genealogy!
Show & Tell / Bring & Brag

At this meeting we celebrated the season together, along with any genealogical breakthroughs, special stories, favourite websites, interesting documents or other artifacts brought to this gathering.
Members were invited share genealogy 'ah-ha's.

Webinar - The Write Stuff: Using Nonfiction Writing Techniques to Write a Better Family History

Members brought festive snacks to share.
An extended break ensured an opportunity to chat and enjoy the seasonal treats - coffee, tea and cider provided.