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• at the January meeting •

Hammer and wall

Breaking Down Brick Walls

Searching for family history becomes frustrating if you can't locate an essential record, or the records may be from another country (in another language), or a person's maiden name may elude you. Our moderators (and the audience at large) will provide advice, relate personal anecdotes, and point attendees in the right direction to resolve such dilemmas.

Streaming of this month's meeting was successful. Here is a slightly editted version of January General Meeting - https://youtu.be/mjnkJlnH9K4

• at our February, 2016 Meeting •

local history resources

Laura McEwen, Oshawa Public Library staff member, presented at our meeting on Feb. 2, describing holdings relevant to genealogical researchers.    lmcewan@oshawalibrary.on.ca http://www.oshawalibrary.on.ca/pathfinderpdf/LocalHistoryCollection.pdf

A slightly edited video of the February 2, 2016 General Meeting is now online.


A DNA SIG (DNA Special Interest Group) , within our branch, had a first meeting on January 20, 2016, at the Branch Office (Oshawa Airport - south entrance). All furture meetings will be on the 3rd Wedesday of each month.

• at the March meeting •


local history resources

Are you drowning in a sea of papers, documents, old photographs and other research materials? Don't miss this organizational power lecture by Lisa Alzo! Learn how to organize your documents and photos for quick retrieval, use strategies to stay on track, and tame your paper and electronic monsters. Two sets of handouts, and a project template, will be available to attendees in electronic formats. [Now downloadable in the Members Only Area]

Our meetings are generally streamed on YouTube, starting at 7:30 p.m. (https://youtu.be/TF7fIAZUhWQ). For this meeting we will stream just the business and announcements portion.

• at the April 2016 meeting •

Bob Dawes at the Quinte Branch Meeting

Scotland from Abroad - Bob Dawes
Bob will describe his methods for discovering Scottish ancestors, using online resources, some of which require payment, but many of which do not. He is shown here during his talk at the Quinte Branch OGS.

Our meetings are generally streamed on YouTube, starting at 7:30 p.m. (https://youtu.be/TF7fIAZUhWQ). The presentation is archived and editted here.

• at the May 3 Meeting •

Sher Leetooze author

Devon and Cornwall Research - Sher Leetooze
Sher is a local author and researcher with wide ranging interests, including overseas genealogy in Devon and Cornwall. She is a regular presenter at the Toronto Cornish Association, and presented at the International Gathering of Cornish Cousins in Milwaukee in 2014 (a biennial event).

Video here: [https://youtu.be/hDocjsKKZrI]

• at the June Meeting •

Paul Arculus and Pine Grove

Paul Arculus - Tales from the Pine Grove Cemetery

Well-known author and historian Paul Arculus, from Port Perry, regaled us with stories about notable and famous people buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery, in Prince Albert.
Paul, a researcher with a talent for finding the best 'human interest' elements in our local histories, offered three of his books for sale.

A slightly editted video of the entire meeting is archived here: https://youtu.be/GvC7VAwIcCQ

See a newspaper review of the Pine Grove Cemetery book - here. Paul will conduct a free 'walk and talk' through the cemetery on July 3, 2016, from 2-5 p.m.

The Pine Grove Cemetery's own history page will introduce you to the area. http://pinegrovecemetery.ca/40/History.html

Our meetings are generally streamed on YouTube, starting at 7:30 p.m. (https://youtu.be/TF7fIAZUhWQ).

• at our September Meeting •

LDS Oshawa

Our September speaker, Christine Ferguson, (Oshawa Family History Center Director of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) reintroduced our members to the services available both online and at their facility, along with some major innovations. A complete printed resource package was offered to attendees.

The 6th of September General Meeting has been archived here: https://youtu.be/5eZCcmVhyvw

• at the October meeting. •

Saint Marys Church in Wexford

Carolyn Heald & Roger Shier (IP-SIG) - The Irish Palatines of Ontario
The 2009 revised edition of Carolyn's book, previewable here, contains many Paletine surnames, including those who settled in Durham townships. Roger Shier has included many useful resources here. Both have toured our local area during research outings.

• at the November Meeting•

Saint Marys Church in Wexford

Tip-Palooza! - An Extravagant Celebration of Ideas & Tips

Seven members of the audience stepped up to present tips. This was our Palooza Tips and Elections meeting, with a variety of contributions: - Scotland tips, DNA tips, Old photo tip, UK Map tip, Ahnentafel tip, Frustrating surnames tip.

Our meetings are generally streamed on YouTube starting at 7:30. Our channel for streaming is http://www.youtube.com/ channel/UCiHiKL0pfzXzG- G9YARS8Sg/live . Arhived here- November 8th General Meeting

• at the December Meeting•


Show and Tell / Bring & Brag

At this meeting we celebrated the season together, along with any genealogical breakthroughs, special stories, favourite websites, interesting documents or other artifacts brought to this gathering.
Members were invited share genealogy 'ah-ha's and edible holiday treats.

Archived here, the December 6, 2016 meeting. [https://youtu.be/uZYu-sZyMdQ]